Rebel Rebel

I've never been a rebel. And after watching a guy on TV tonight request a huge tattoo on his back of someone giving oral sex to a woman, just to be a “rebel”, I'm glad I have no association with his kind. I'm not sure it was what David Bowie had in mind and it's not really what I thought a rebel should be either.

If I were a rock star I'd be tidying the room not throwing TVs out of the window and I'd be going to bed with a cup of tea not alcohol. Drugs would be out of the question as well because I can't resist a packet of chocolate hobnobs so how would I cope with crystal meth?

I can honesty say I was never one of the cool kids. But as I get older some of the cool kids I knew just seem like Idiots now anyway.

I met an old school friend today that all the girls used to fancy. He always wore cloths that made him look like a male model and for some reason he was good at everything.

He was tall, sporty, popular and could have had the pick of any girl in class. If he told a joke they all laughed. But you knew that if you said it they wouldn't. But he was forever getting into trouble for not wearing the school uniform and once dropped a bucket of water from a class window onto a passing teacher. There was an investigation but the culprit was never found, so we all coped the wrap for it.

You always hope that when you meet someone like him again years later that their teeth will have fallen out and they got bald and fat. To my absolute disgust he was still the bloody same. Worse still, he drove off in a Audi TT.

Twat !

I'd like a tattoo like this please


Author: mickcase

I live in the UK and am Bisexual. Not that I would normally introduce myself this way. But it is the theme of this blog.

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