Being anonymous 

I’ve been looking at a video blog on YouTube by a gay man who lives a few miles away from me. I don’t know him, he’s a complete stranger and I’ve no idea how I came across his channel but he posts most days and I find it interesting.

He talks about nothing, in fact it’s a sort of visual version of this blog. Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s worth looking at.

In some ways I’d like to have a go at doing one for myself, but I just couldn’t bring myself to show my face. In fact I have a similar problem with dating websites. Id like to be able to stick my ugly mug photo on a profile to see if anyone will be interested but I don’t want anyone I know seeing me. It’s a ridiculous thing to worry about but I feel friends, family and work colleagues would just laugh at me. I like being anonymous on the web. It allows me to talk more openly about Things I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) talk to friends about.

When they talk about anonymity on the World Wide Web they seem to suggest it’s all about criminal activity or terrorism. Sometimes it just allows freedom of expression to people who don’t wanna shout it from the rooftops.

Author: mickcase

I live in the UK and am Bisexual. Not that I would normally introduce myself this way. But it is the theme of this blog.

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