Went to the doctors today to have another blood test. It’s been 6 months(ish) since my cholesterol test at Christmas and I’ve stuck to the diet so it’s time to see if any of it worked. I’ve lost about 13 Pounds in weight, which is amazing, I’m now 64kg or 142 pounds, fully clothed. I’ve never been so thin. I think I’ve found the holy grail of dieting for me. Less chocolate, cut out butter, and have veg soups from Asda for lunch. Eat more nuts, do a bit more exercise and hey presto it works. It’s not exactly rocket science I suppose but it seems to have worked as far as weight loss is concerned. Just need to wait and find out if it made any difference to my cholesterol level. Apparently I should look to be under 5. At the last check it was 6.5. I’ll find out in a couple of days. But after the test as a treat I bought a couple of Snickers at the shop. Of course I ate the both the same day. Damn. I’ve already relapsed.

Author: mickcase

I live in the UK and am Bisexual. Not that I would normally introduce myself this way. But it is the theme of this blog.

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