Skinny Me

Results from my Cholesterol test came through and it’s down to 4.9, normal, no further action. My previous test said 6.4, Borderline, need to speak to nurse. So i’m happy with that. No need to speak to nurse. Crack on, or carry on what I’m doing. I wished it had been much less than that. To be honest I’ve really been going to town with this diet. I might be able to keep a lot of it up, but I’m not gonna bother with any of that crap next week when I’m on holiday. And a little bit of me says I can relax my eating from now. But I feel better for it and I’m slimmer so I think that should keep me in check. At least for the summer.

Author: mickcase

I live in the UK and am Bisexual. Not that I would normally introduce myself this way. But it is the theme of this blog.

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