Election Day and Elton John

It’s Election Day. Time to vote for the next Prime Minister and political party who will be negotiating Brexit with the EU in a couple of weeks time. I’ll be honest I’m not happy with any of them. Can’t get my head around a lot of Labour policy’s and I’m not keen of Jeremy Corbin and his clan of MPs. But I can’t stand Theresa May either, she says nothing, dodges all the questions and is as boring as hell. Your typical stereotype out of touch MP. And some of the others are just as bad. So I’ll just be picking the best of a bad bunch and probably decide on the back of who i DON’T want running the country rather than the one I do.All the crap I get through the post from both sides is interesting. All the labour stuff shows pictures of (and promotes) our local labour MP with no mention of Jeremy Corbin. And all the Conservative stuff is splattered with pictures of Theresa May with just a small mention of who our local Conservative MP is.

I walked to polling station and put a tick next to a box. It was all half hearted really, a bit like the referendum. I’m not confident any of them will make things better. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Later in the day I left work early to go see Elton John at the Leeds Arena with A. I picked her up and we drove there, parked up and went for a coffee before going in. I wanted to be early because I knew security would be heavy again and this time there would be much more people in the queue. We sat on a bench outside chatting for a while but then we decided to go in as the queue was getting bigger. It’s a good job we did because within 15 minutes of us getting inside the venue the queue was massive. And to top it all the heavens opened and it pissed it down on everyone waiting. We couldn’t have timed it any better. Elton himself was actually very good. I was expecting him to be crap but It was a great show. We stayed a bit later than we should have done though, thinking he would end on Pinball Wizard or something up temp. But he did Candle in the wind and then buggered off so we were stuck in a crowed of thousands leaving and heading to the car park. Hundreds were streaming into the car park entrance to pay and leave. God we’re gonna be here forever, we thought. But actually it was perfect.  Slow moving but easy and efficient. Lots of officials directing us out and organising the throngs of people. It was brilliant.
When I got home I had some supper and put the telly on to see a bit of the election results. As I type this there had been an exit pole that suggested the Prime Minister had made a mistake and there was gonna be a hung parliament. It’s all a bit scary really. This would be chaos and could cause all sorts of Brexit type problems. Well have to see what happens over night.

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